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Programs & Approach

Nonprofit Fundraising

Our core program area, we focus on meeting our organization partners where they're at in every aspect of their fundraising operations. We work hard to help our partners overcome short-term funding challenges while building development capacity to sustain them for the long term.


Organizational challenges to achieving fundraising results are complex and diverse -- implementing solutions to those challenges often is too.  With our core partners we provide long-term support that initially focuses on deep listening so that eventual actions fulfill not just the financial goals but do so in the spirit of the communities they serve.

Leadership Development

Nonprofit partners receive coaching designed specifically to help BIPOC leaders take on the complex challenges of doing fundraising for historically disinvested BIPOC communities. Leaders walk away with a greater understanding of how to break down both the technical skill and the identity-based barriers to achieving their desired fundraising results. 


At Evergreen Collective we understand the importance of being intentional in every aspect of our work. As such, we work to ensure that our partners are values aligned as we all work to create greater racial and economic justice. Much of this work comes in the way of educating cross-sector partners in the principles of community-centric fundraising, decolonizing wealth, and how behaviors born from internalized oppression can lead to replicating problematic status quo systems. 

Innovation & Vision

There are many amazing and brilliant thought leaders and social change catalyzers in the nonprofit sector today. They are pushing for a variety of innovative and visionary economic and social change making models. Not only do we support such efforts by amplifying them via our own communication channels, but we too expect to launch new programs soon. Stay tuned via our newsletter!

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